10 Exclusive Apps To Help Monitor Your Health

Without an iota of doubt, the advantages of effectively monitoring our health cannot be overemphasized enough. The state of our well-being is the bedrock upon which all other activities are anchored. It is so ironic however that despite the fact that adequately looking after our health ought to be a non-negotiable task, most people are very negligent and display arrant laxity towards this fundamental responsibility. Sometimes, most people claim to be either too busy or too lackadaisical to look after their pressing health concerns.

As the saying goes that a stitch in time saves nine, the importance of being able to observe and identify warning signs and symptoms that can indicate that something might be amiss in our health matters cannot be accentuated enough.

Thankfully, software developers who took cognizance of the long-term effect of this looming menace decided to nip the progression of this unpleasant situation in the bud. This proactive development led to the emergence of numerous health monitoring and maintaining apps available for download or purchase on the online markets/ stores of operating systems of both smartphones and other mobile devices.

In as much as these health monitoring apps cannot totally substitute/ replace the immense contributions of the health institutions, health workers and other health specialists, these tools assist in no small measure with respect to monitoring health status, and then consulting with specialists in order to know what necessary actions need to be taken.

There are a lot of health-monitoring apps available, but 10 of the most reliable ones are described below as follows.

  1. EyeXam

This is a very reliable and user-friendly vision care mobile phone app with an array of features that help to promote the overall health of the eyes. From taking eye screening tests; locating efficient eye care doctors; to ordering contact lenses/ eye wear accessories, EyeXam is very dependable.

  1. iPharmacy

This is an all-encompassing mobile device health monitoring app that essentially helps to monitor and manage overall medication treatment for improved results and at reduced costs.

  1. Free Micromedex Drug Reference

Free Micromedex Drug Reference is a beneficial mobile health app that provides access to a database consisting of a lot of drug information, drug interaction, side effects, dosage and many other reliable features.

  1. Instant Heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate is a very useful health monitoring mobile app that is capable of effectively measuring heart rate as well as monitoring pulse. This app is compatible with a wide range of smartphone or mobile operating systems such as Android, Windows and iOS.

  1. Glucose Buddy

This mobile operating system health app is primarily designed to be a data storage program for people with diabetes. Glucose Buddy has a lot of important features that assist in the process of monitoring and maintain the blood sugar content of diabetic patients.

  1. HealthTap

HealthTap is more or less, a virtual health institution. This mobile health app provides an unparalleled means of consulting real doctors from a mobile device as well as getting referrals, suggestions, treatments and prescriptions among other benefits.

  1. Doctor On Demand

As the name implies, this is a mobile health app with unprecedented benefits to health management. This app is practically a mobile/ online hospital with certified physicians that treat a wide range of common illnesses like cold, allergies, depression and skin ailments.

  1. Fooducate

Unhealthy eating habits can result in a number of debilitating conditions. Food intake can either be excessive or insufficient. With mobile health apps like Fooducate, diets and calorie intakes can be tracked and appropriate suggestions are made in order to have balanced nutritional values.

  1. WebMD

This is one of the most popular mobile device health apps that are available today. WebMD is endowed with such invaluable features as Symptom Checker, Local Health Listings, Pill Identification Tool and also First Aid Essentials.

  1. Sleep Better

Sleep Better by Runtastic is a useful mobile device health app that basically helps to track sleep cycles, monitor sleep and improve bedtime habits among other noteworthy features, so that an individual can wake up feeling revitalized and rejuvenated.