10 Unique Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

The prevalence of smartphones in modern times is very awe-gaping. These devices are available in different grades and with different features. Besides the convenient and fundamental uses of mobile phones such as for calling and texting, many more functions are capable of being undertaken by smartphones in present-day time. Some of the most common tasks mobile phones are additionally capable of handling include functioning as music players, digital cameras, voice recorders, radios, camcorders, GPS navigators, game consoles, web browsers, calculators, flashlights as well as storage devices.

However, most smartphones have the handy ability to take on an array of more unique responsibilities that are fairly oblivious to many. These can mostly be achieved through the installation of appropriate, effective and user-friendly apps that are available for purchase or free download on many smartphone operating system online stores.

Examples of such distinctive functions include the following.

  1. Thermal Imaging

This essentially refers to the technique of using the heat signatures emitted by objects to capture an outline of their images as well as to locate such objects. A typical smartphone app that is capable of helping to achieve this task is Seek Thermal. This function is very useful for the purposes of detection, diagnosis and/or improving visibility.

  1. Monitor Health

Downloading the iCore Health Monitor smartphone app for example can significantly assist in the overall monitoring of one’s health. These apps have such main features as blood pressure measurement, heart rate measurement, vision measurement, respiratory rate measurement, blood oxygen measurement and many other health related appraisals.

  1. Vehicle Diagnostics

There are lots of mobile phone apps that are available for the main purpose of monitoring car performance, recording sensor data as well as acting as diagnostic tools that help to improve the overall performance of a vehicle. One of such apps is the Torque Pro.

  1. Remote Control

A smartphone can effectively function as a remote control panel through the purchase/ download and installation of a variety of suitable mobile phone software such as the SURE Universal Smart TV Remote Control app. Most of these apps are very user-friendly and can comfortably control a whole lot of devices such as air conditioners, smart TVs as well as media players.

  1. Translator

Communication is very important in our day-to-day activities. The advent of the internet has increased interactions amongst people across the globe for various purposes. Language barriers can greatly reduce comprehension of thoughts and ideas in such circumstances. However, there are numerous mobile phone translator apps like the iTranslate that can effectively help to bridge communication gaps and consequently promote productivity.

  1. Call Blocking

Most new versions of smartphone operating systems have in-built call blocking features. Nevertheless, there are lots of mobile phone call blocking apps such as Mr. Number that can conveniently simplify one’s ability to identify spam calls and block unwanted contacts accordingly.

  1. Mobile Hotspot

In the temporary absence of Wi-Fi connections, continued access to the internet can be guaranteed by making use of the mobile hotspot. This concept essentially refers to the capacity of a smartphone to share internet connectivity with other compatible devices such as mobile phones and computers.

  1. Encrypt Data

Data encryption mainly refers to the process of scrambling data/ information in order to prevent unwanted access. Encryption jumbles up the data to make it incomprehensible to unauthorized users. This process is primarily geared towards keeping information safe. Most upgraded smartphones are capable of achieving this.

  1. LED Light Bulb Switch

Mobile phones can act as Wi-Fi LED light controllers. Installing relevant smartphone apps like LIFX can help to use the mobile phone in performing a whole host of activities ranging from switching the lights on and off to creating exciting effects and themes.

  1. Voice – To – Text

Smartphone apps such as Gboard are very beneficial and effective in converting voice inputs into text. Besides eliminating the drudgery associated with the conventional methods of typing, the use of voice – to – text apps ensures that typing speeds, accuracies and efficiencies are optimized.