5 Most Common Computer Problems And How To Fix them

The emergence and continual development of personal computers in the activities of humankind has been extremely stupendous. The colossal impacts these machines have had on all facets of human existence have been monumental on all fronts and connections. It is almost impossible to identify a single sphere of human coexistence that has not been substantially influenced by these awesome devices. The contributions of personal computers to the enhancement and/or promotion of individual and societal development include, but not limited to, the following.

  • Improved efficiencies of inputting data, processing data, as well as retrieving and storing information;
  • Establishment of more avenues for data processing;
  • Improved accessibility to databases and archived data/ information;
  • Enhanced organization of data/ information to improve comprehension, and also;
  • Advanced automation of tasks to pave the way for unparalleled accuracy/ precision.

These impressive advantages notwithstanding, personal computers are vulnerable to an array of problems in their course of operation.

On the bright side however, most of the problems caused by the situations listed above are redeemable through the application of a number of methods/ techniques that can help to resolve these objectionable issues.

A few of the most commonplace personal computer problems and their relative fixes are described below.

  1. Computer Freezes

This can result from either hardware or software malfunctioning and in some cases, as a result of rancid environmental conditions. This situation can be fixed through various means such as troubleshooting to discover software and hardware failure followed by carrying out of subsequent repair/ solution; restoring the Operating System to a previous backed up period when the computer performed optimally using System Restore; and/or also ensuring that the ambient environment in which the computer is placed is kept as conducive as possible to prevent negative impacts of the harsh climatic conditions that can result in making a computer freeze.

  1. Computer Keeps Restarting Itself

This can be a very frustrating experience. This refers to when the computer keeps restarting itself randomly and continuously. This automatic restarting can be as a result of numerous causes such as defective software installations, virus attacks or hardware malfunctions. To fix this issue, the computer should be started in the Safe Mode setting and the unresponsive program disabled or uninstalled. Troubleshooting and scanning of the whole system is also advisable in order to identify the root cause of the problem with a view to resolving the issue. This problem could also be caused as a result of flawed hardware components like motherboard card drivers and graphics cards. Replacement of these non-functioning elements can also help to fix the issue of incessant automatic rebooting of the computer.

  1. Computer Blue Screen Of Death Errors

This is one of the most common computer operation system errors experienced by many. The Blue Screen of Death also referred to as the Stop Error is mostly caused by a lot of reasons ranging from defective hardware to corrupted software to missing DLL files to insufficient system resources/ low memory issues. Depending on the exact root causes of the problems, a variety of techniques could be adopted to fix them. Resolving the Blue Screen of Death error could be as simple as merely rebooting the computer system or may also entail the running of diagnostics to address the issue using dependable system optimizing utility tools like Norton Utilities and Fix-It Utilities Pro.

  1. Missing DLL File Error

The Dynamic Link Library is a collection of codes and data that the operating system utilizes to ensure the smooth-running of programs. Missing or corrupted DLL files result in the OS causing the programs to run slower and use more system resources which in turn impairs computer operation optimization. Using efficient system restore software such as the AVG PC TuneUp or the WinZip System Utilities Suite can help to identify and replace/ restore the missing DLL files for optimized computer performances.

  1. Blank Computer Screen

This is an embarrassing scenario whereby upon switching on a personal computer, the screen remains indefinitely blank. This can also occur intermittently during use. The major cause of this is often a poor connection between the Computer Processing Unit (CPU) and the Visual Display Unit (VDU). The Video Graphics Array (VGA) or the Digital Visual Interface (DVI) or the High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cables may be faulty or improperly plugged in. more often than not, ensuring that the cables fix firmly into the ports, or replacing the cables with newer ones will satisfactorily resolve this issue.