AVG Free Antivirus for Android

Teclane Review: AVG Free antivirus is not only a successful and best antivirus software for PC, it also the #1 downloaded security app on the Google play. AVG Security app is downloaded over 100 million by the Android users and recommended by over a million users as per Google Play. I personally use AVG Free antivirus for my desktop computer and it is performing very well. Recently, I have install AVG security app in my Android device and here are the brief overviews “why do I like this security app”. This is my personal review as a user, not for selling or promoting any product.

AVG AntiVirus security software scans very app you download to be make sure, the app does not contain any nasty content. It also scans any website you visit through your device and warns against any suspicious web address (url) it detects. After scanning my device, I found two security alerts as “Malware threat” on one app and “Installing software from an untrusted sources”.

Some apps may eat lots of memory and and as a result, the device sometime does not respond properly. AVG AntiVirus security app monitors and identifies those apps who eating more memory and lets you to kill tasks or remove from the device if those are  no longer used. It also shows battery performance and you can set battery power warning with auto power saving option. It also shows Data plan as how much data you have already used and how much is left.

One of the best features of AVG AntiVirus security app is Anti-Theft protection. If you lost your phone, you can trace your device location through Google map from any computer or devices with Internet. You can also lock your phone and erase all sensitive data from the SD card from any Internet browser. All you have access Anti-Theft from the AVG AntiVirus security app and register for Anti-Theft. You need an email address to register and use Anti-Theft service.

Thousand of websites including Social Medias collect your information when you access those websites from your device. AVG AntiVirus security app gives you the ability to protect your privacy. You can lock your apps or lock the device settings to keep your personal information secure. App locker and App Backup are only for 14 day trial with the Free version. You can also block any unknown caller or you do not want to receive call from anyone. You can also block SMS message if you are using Android version 4.4 Kit-Kat.

There are lot more features you can read through AVG website. You can also read user review and comments in the Google Play store before install in your device.