How to check Internet speed free over online

If you think that your Internet connection seems to slow, you must check your Internet speed at the first step. You may sometime experience that your computer is performing slowly all of a sudden, slow Internet connection can cause this issue. When you check your Internet speed, you should  get almost accurate information of the current bandwidth. You should compare this result with your plan that you should suppose to get from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Few steps you should take in consideration first when your test result shows low-speed vs what it should be. You should check your modem connection with the computer, Ethernet cable efficiency, Wireless router performance before call to a technician or ISP.

What are the free speed test tools available online?
Teclane Review: There are several good free Internet speed test tools available online such as;,,,, and many more. My favorite tool is and I use this tool more often when I experience any internet performance issue. I chose this tool because it performs very well as free speed test tool over any other tool and completely Free. is widely using Internet Speed Test tool which calculates more accurate result and very fast. You do not need to give any information, just go to website; click BEGIN TEST and your test result should be shown in less than a minute.

How to test?
Free Internet speed test through online is very simple. Just go to any of the above free website and follow the instruction or if you want to use, just follow the following two steps and you will get your test result within a minute or less;

Step 1: Go to the Speed Check website ( and wait till fully loaded and BEGIN TEST button appears on the screen.

Step 2: Click on the BEGIN TEST button and wait till the test is completed.

First, it should calculate the download speed and next it should calculate the upload speed. When the test will be competed, you will see both download and upload speed just above the SHARE THIS RESULT button. If you want to retest, just click on the TEST AGAIN button and it should be retested.