How to keep your email account safe

There is no drought that, email is the most important communication tool throughout the organizations and with the friends and families. Cyber criminals are more eager to hack your email account to know about you and your contact list. Sometime you may receive strange emails with attractive product offer, winning money, lottery, US green card etc. Those are spam emails and should not be trusted.

Here are the few tips that will help you to keep your email safe.

Do not click on links
If you receive email from unknown senders with web links, do not click on it. The web link may not have the similar web address as it display. You can check the actual web address by right click on the link and click on “Copy Link Location”. Paste it on the notepad and you will see the actual web address of that link. If it does not match with the display text, it’s a trick.

Keep your email safe

Do not open attachment
If you receive attachment from unknown sender, do not open it. The attachment may contain malware and your computer can get infected.

Do not fall trap on fake “Security notification”
Sometime, scammers send email as financial institution or email administrator with concerning, security issue with your account. This is trick and do not follow this type of email until you know it’s real. Scammers collect login information by sending this type of spam emails.

Use a strong password
Use at least 8 characters password with combination of upper case, number and special characters. Do not save exact password on the email. You always can mimic some characters of your password if you manage multiple accounts and need to save your password.

Change password more often
It is little headache but also a good practice to change password more frequently. In this case, if your password is stolen, you will be safe.

Use multiple email accounts
If you have multiple email accounts, do not use your most personal email address for online shopping or opening various online accounts. Is this way, you can keep your personal email safe and secure.

Use security software
Use antivirus security software and keep it up to date. Antivirus will protect your computer or device from malware and it will help you to access email safely from your device.