How to keep your smartened-up home secure from hackers

We are living in a world where technology has an immense impact on our day-to-day life. It could be either your cell phone or any other electronic device. The purpose is simple, to make your life easy and comfortable. If you think, you can live without it, certainly, you are wrong. To satisfy your requirements and make your life comfortable, technical giant industries are inventing more and more technical products.

Some of these products are also facilitating you to make your home smart. Amazon Eco and Google Home are increasingly in demand based on its sales statistics.  Such devices are either voice-based or vision based. In both the situations, your security may be compromised as they are connected to the cloud and stores data to it.  Who knows, when you are giving the command to your smart device at home and it is being recorded by some bad guy!

Here are some smart tips that allow you to use such devices with for safety from the bad guys:

Sssh! Someone is listening to you: 

            Voice-assistant system and Voice-responsive systems are trending these days after the evolution of new technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home are two such devices.  These devices are connected to the internet and their responses are fetched and processed with Internet data. It requires uploading the voice data to the cloud. Any cloud-based system is not absolutely secure.  Good brands definitely take user’s security into consideration and provide relatively secure products but local brands products are never reliable. In that case, you can put its mic in a mute mode when you are not using it or tap its mic if there is not mute mode available.

Careful! Someone is watching you:

            Some devices that allow you to check in on children and pets are also cloud-based. Cam IQ is one of them by Nest company. These tools might be secured at their end, but when your video is being uploaded, you never know the number of router’s it has to cross before storing in the cloud. To keep your smart home safe, you must use smart ways. Always turn device camera to wall side when you are not using it. Even Facebook CEO, MarkZuckerberg tapes his laptop camera, as people out there at some corner of the world with bad intent, could enable your camera remotely. So make your home safer using these tricks.

Is your electronic lock really secure?

            It is certainly important to question about security. There are many electronic locks present these days. It facilitates you to lock your home using an app. Some big brands take security as an important parameter but small vendors do not! You must not keep a blind faith in anything. Check its security standards from all the perceptive.