How to make active two-factor authentication for your Google Gmail account

Security is very critical aspects of the internet world. If you think your data is absolutely secure, someone at the other corner of the world is ready to prove your thinking wrong. Past statistics show that millions of emails accounts are hacked every year and this number is increasing day-by-day. Google was the first to enhance their account user’s security by using two-factor authentication, also called two-factor verification.

Authentication is a process of ensuring the identity of the user, conventionally done with a username and password. But to make your account safe from hacker’s eye, two-factor authentication provides one extra layer of security. Even if your password or security code has been cracked, but it prevents from giving access to the un-authorised guy.

With two-factor authentication, you log-in to your account with two security code. One is your password and another is something you own such as a security code sent to your phone.  Let’s understand the steps to enable two-factor authentication for your Google account:

  • Go to Google website and sign in with your credential.
  • Click on My Accounts option at the top – right corner of the Google webpage.
  • My Account page in Google is the control center of your account. There you can change all your account configurations including your personal details and security settings
  • Click on “Sign-in and security” option present at the top. This page provides you all the settings for your account’s security. It includes passwords, other sign-in methods, and options for recovering your account such as recovery email and recovery phone.
  • Click on the “Two-step Verification” option and then “Get Started”.
  • Google will move to the new page to verify your password again. You need to enter your password to authenticate your identity.
  • After authentication, you will be prompt to follow steps for setting up your 2-Step Verification.
  • There are three steps. For completing the first step, enter your personal phone number to get your security code either to get on the text message or on phone call. Select any of the two and click Next.
  • On clicking Next. You will get your Google verification code on your entered phone number. For the completion of verification process, enter the code and hit on Next button.
  • On the successful verification of your code, you will be displayed “Turn On” Button for enabling your 2-Step Authentication. Click it and you are ready to go.