How to place bid first time on upwork – Freelance Jobs

I assume, you have read our post “Simple way to start working as a freelancer” and now you are ready place your first bid. Placing your first bid at is quite simple as well but you should follow some guidelines so that your bid gets consider for the client. Please keep in mind, there are lots of new freelancers sinning up their account every day and placing their bids.

How to search a job?

  1. Login into your upwork account using your mail address and password
  2. In the Find job search box, enter job area like “blog writing” and search
  3. All blog writing related job will display in the job search list
  4. Click on the job that matches most of your skill

How to Submit a Proposal

Now, you are in the job details page and read and follow the instruction as much as you can. Some of the jobs are hourly, some of the jobs are fixed price. As a new freelancer, you may not consider bidding for hourly jobs since you haven’t completed any job yet. So, jobs with fixed price are most likely suitable for the new freelancer.

In the freelance world, I have seen many clients hire freelancer for small projects with fixed price and mostly they want in cheaper price. You should consider those jobs and place your bid always lower than what your client offers. Suppose, a

  1. Click on the Submit A Proposal
  2. In the Job Details page, enter your bid amount. I suggest you enter less mount than the budget
  3. You will see upwork service fee and you can click on Explain this link to see details. It basically shows your first $500, you have to pay 20% commission, $500-$10k, 10% commission and Over $10k, you pay 5% commission.
  4. You’ll Receive total amount $40 with 20% less of your bid amount $50.
  5. Select Estimated Duration you need to complete the work. I suggest you to do less than a week.
  6. Cover letter (if client asks)- Explain briefly about you, your qualification and your experience. Try to add some catchy sentences like why do you need this job and how can you make this work error free and on time. Make sure, you check your grammar and your sentences as well.
  7. If you have any sample related work, it’s better to add in the Attachment. If you do not have any, just make a same and add. It will help your client to understand, you can do the work.
  8. Finally, click on the Submit A Proposal button and you are done!

Next, your client will review and invite for interview (mostly ask some questions) and if you can answer properly, you will get the job offer (I hope for sure!).  You will notify by email or from freelance account when you received a proposal. If you accept the offer, you are good to go!