How to send a large file to friends for free

Teclane Review: If you want to send file more than 20 MB, you may not be able to attach to your email. It is possible to send. You may use Dropbox to share your photos, docs, videos but both you and your friend have to install Dropbox which is time consuming and your friend may not want to install Dropbox in his computer. Then, can we send a big file like a 200 MB video clip to a friend without using the Dropbox? The answer is yes, you can send up to 300 MB file within a few mouse clicks.

What are the free available websites for file sharing?
There are several free websites like sendspace, mediafire, gigasize, pando, files-upload, xdrive offer upload files very quickly and share to your friend. I like sendspace most because you don’t have to register and the service is very fast. All you have to upload your file(s) up to 300 MB maximum and send download link via email.

Here are the step by step instructions on how to use sendspace to upload and send files.

Step 1: Go to sendspace website (
Step 2: Click on the Browser button and select your file from the Open window. You can also drag your file and drop on the upload box. You can upload files up to 300 MB maximum.
Step 3: Enter the email address you want to send the download link. You add multiple email addresses as you like
Step 4: Enter sender (Form) email address and click on the Upload button. Please read the Terms of Service to know if you have any concern on using this free service.
Step 5: Wait until upload is completed. You should see the following Upload Complete screen with successful completion message.

The above Download Link is the sample link where your file is stored in the sendspace website. Your receiver will get this link through email or you can send this link via sms or IM. To download this file, just click on the above Download Link (as it will generate one for you) and you or your friend should be able to download.

If you want to delete the uploaded file, just click on the Delete File link, and complete the step to deleted form the sendspace server.