Top 10 Best Antivirus For iPhone And iOS Based Devices

The advent of smartphones has been revolutionary in the lifestyle of humans over the past two decades. The importance of smartphones cannot be overemphasized in the daily activities of mankind. In fact, it is considered more or less, a necessity by most people in this era. Smartphones improve connectivity of people, efficiency of communication as well as means of entertainment among others. There are lots of smartphone brands/ trademarks with subtle physical differences and slight operational processing but with similar objectives and inclinations.

The iPhone, with its launch by Apple Inc. in 2007, has been a visionary pacesetter in the smartphone landscape. The iPhone and other iOS (iPhone Operating System) based devices have continually provided a wide range of streamlined functionality since its inception. To sustain the efficiency of operation of an iPhone, a number of pre-emptive approaches can be adopted. A noteworthy example of these preventive methods is through the use of antivirus software.

Antivirus/ Antimalware apps are classes of programs designed to prevent, detect and fix malicious software in general computer operating systems. There are numerous antivirus apps on the market with different efficiencies, strengths, drawbacks, flexibilities and ease of use.

Ten of the best antivirus software available for iPhone Operating Systems are described below.

  1. Avira Mobile Security

The Avira Mobile Security is a very useful app that is capable of performing a wide range of functions such as helping to locate a missing/ lost iPhone as well as determining if emails have been hacked, breached or compromised. This antivirus is also useful for fixing bugs in addition to ensuring the upgrade of the iOS.

  1. Lookout: Security And Identity Theft Protection

Lookout is widely regarded as the only all-encompassing app that can adequately safeguard your iPhone and the information contained therein. This antivirus app, besides being useful for backing up data and eliminating the threat of malware, is also renowned to be very effective at preserving one’s identity.

  1. Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security by Symantec is arguably the most popular antivirus and security app for iPhones and other devices. This app is very simple and easy to use as well as fast and responsive. It also has the ability to aptly detect and monitor malware. In addition, Norton Mobile Security comes with basic antitheft and call blocking features.

  1. Trend Micro Mobile Security

Trend Micro Mobile Security is an antivirus and security app that provides improved protection for iPhones and other iOS based devices. It helps to ensure anonymous web browsing as well as identity preservation. This app ensures remarkable protection from malware and also helps to monitor data usage. In addition, Trend Micro Mobile Security is compatible with a whole host of iOS platforms.

  1. McAfee Mobile Security, Vault, Backup And Locate

McAfee Mobile Security is one of the pioneering antivirus and security apps that are available today. The longevity of the continuance of this app is mostly premised on its impressive ability to back up, restore and wipe data from multiple and remote locations; and also its formidable potential to secure data and impede the infestation of iPhones and other iOS based devices from a wide range of malicious software.

  1. Mobishield

Mobishield by TrustMobi is a reliable app that is capable of scanning for malware, detecting them and fixing them accordingly. Mobishield also comes in handy for the purpose of backing up and recovering data. Additionally, this app has useful features that help to monitor network connection, data usage and battery consumption.

  1. VirusBarrier

VirusBarrier by Intego is a good antivirus app to help to combat the risk of viruses and malware in iPhones and other related iOS based devices. This app is very capable at preventing, identifying and repairing infected files in iOS devices.

  1. Avast SecureMe

Avast SecureMe is a very popular and recommendable antivirus app for iOS based devices. It helps to protect data from loss and/or unauthorized access. This app also helps to manage network connections with ease. Avast SecureMe also has features that can help to lower data usage in order to ensure cost saving.

  1. 360 Mobile Security

360 Mobile Security for iPhones and iOS based devices is one of the totally free and very efficient antivirus/ security apps available today. It is capable of protecting data/ information from third-party threats as well as enhancing the efficiencies of performance of iOS based devices. 360 Mobile Security comes with features such as geolocation services and memory optimizers.

  1. F-Secure SAFE

F-Secure SAFE is an effective security app for iPhones and iOS based devices in general. This app helps to ensure that personal items of data/ information are safeguarded. It also assists in forestalling the risk of malware in iOS devices. F-Secure SAFE has notable features that improve one’s ability to pinpoint missing phones, browse the web safely, as well as parental lock capabilities.