Top 10 Best Smartphone Tracker Apps

Smartphone tracking basically refers to the ability to pinpoint the location/ position of a mobile phone using a number of navigation techniques that interpret and triangulate broadcast signals between two or more cell stations and a mobile phone. Smartphone tracking can also be easily achieved through the use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine the precise longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates of a mobile phone. Smartphone tracking apps are the programs that are used in achieving the mobile phone surveillance and/or geolocation objectives.

As with most concepts and/or systems, there are always advantages and disadvantages. The downside of using mobile tracking apps is principally the intrusion of privacy. Notwithstanding though, the benefits of utilizing smartphone trackers reasonably overshadow the above-mentioned drawback. Some advantages of engaging in the use of mobile phone tracking apps include improving the ability to look out for the safety of friends and family as well as increasing the chances of locating a lost phone.

There are lots of smartphone tracker apps available for purchase or free download today. Some of the best tracking apps are described below.

  1. Find My Phone

Find My Phone is a totally free and dependable tracking app that can help in locating a missing/ stolen mobile phone. This GPS-based tracker can also monitor the location history of the mobile device. Thus, one can always know where one’s device has been all through the day. Find My Phone app is offered by Family Safety Production.

  1. Mobile Tracker For Android

This app is compatible with all devices. Mobile Tracker For Android offered by naveeninfotech is a very reliable tracking program for mobile phones. This app has lots of special and practicable features such as the ability to remotely wipe data/ information in the case of lost/ stolen mobile phones, as well as the ability to track mobile numbers.

  1. Cell Phone Tracking iTracker

iTracker offered by SOFT HATABA is an app that aims to guarantee the safety of both mobile phones as well as family and friends. This app synchronizes location through the enabling of GPS for the purposes of tracking vehicles, mobile phones as well as loved ones.

  1. GuestSpy: Mobile Tracker

GuestSpy is a tamper-proof mobile phone tracking app that is capable of effectively monitoring SMS and phone call history. It is also useful in getting a GPS lock on the location of mobile phones and other compatible devices as well as friends and family.

  1. Mobile Tracker Pro

Mobile Tracker Pro offered by Sky Productivity Pvt. Ltd. is essentially a smartphone app that tracks SMS, calls and locations. This app is very useful for monitoring the whereabouts of friends and family as well as employees. It is also capable of finding out the location of a lost/ misplaced/ stolen mobile phone.

  1. GPS Phone Tracking Pro 

The GPS Phone Tracking Pro app offered by Family Safety Production is a very essential mobile phone tracker with important features that improve the ability to find misplaced mobile phones and also promotes connectivity with friends. This app boasts of remarkable technology that allows for real-time tracking of the whereabouts of friends and family.

  1. Cell Phone GPS Tracker

This mobile GPS tracker offered by GPSWOX is a highly recommended app for both individuals and groups alike. It comes with such features as Real Time Tracking as well as Geofence Alerts. Cell Phone Tracker helps in locating misplaced/ stolen phones as well as keeping an eye on family members.

  1. SmartPhone Tracker Free

SmartPhone Tracker Free offered by GeoSpotX is an effective mobile phone app that allows for easy location of devices through the use of GPS coordinates. In addition, it can also be used in finding out the location of family and friends.

  1. Cell Tracker

This is a very powerful mobile phone app that conveniently allows for remote tracking of SMS, MMS and phone calls. Cell tracker also uses the GPS in pinpointing the position of mobile phones as well as friends and family irrespective of wherever they are.

  1. Mobile Phone Tracker

This smartphone tracking app by MaxLo basically ensures the ability to monitor cell phones. It allows for tracking SMS, accessing call history, retrieving contact lists, backing up data as well as locating the approximate whereabouts of a stolen/ misplaced mobile phone.