Top Essential Tips To Increase The Performance Of Your Android Phone

In contemporary times, the centrality of smartphones in human co-existence has been overwhelming in more ways than one. Smartphones have an array of functional features that indisputably help in improving the efficiency of connectivity as well as promoting entertainment. In fact, there is almost no limit to the usability of smartphones in this modern age. In as much as these mobile phones are available in various physical designs and operational functionalities, the end-purposes are virtually always the same.

As often occurring in various devices, their efficiencies and performances begin to plummet over periods of extended use. So many reasons have been adduced to be responsible for this steady decline in the capacity of operation over time. Some of such reasons include effects of environmental conditions, gradual memory leakage as well as accumulation of content in the mobile phone which in turn impedes effective performance.

Having practicable knowledge about how to replenish the diminishing performance of smartphones is very essential. The reduction in the overall operational efficiency of a mobile phone can be forestalled and/or adequately decelerated through the application of minor changes and adjustments. Some essential tips recommended for achieving this reinvigoration of an Android smartphone performance are detailed below.

  1. Periodic Update of Android OS

Newer versions of Android OS platforms are periodically released. Most of these updated system software come with enhanced improvements that help to guarantee boosted speeds, heightened performances and overall stability of the Android smartphone. By this token, keeping the OS periodically updated helps to improve the overall performance of the smartphone.


  1. Periodic Update of Smartphone Apps

Similar to the Android OS platform itself, smartphone apps are constantly reviewed and improved upon. Newer editions of these apps usually take up less memory space and have minimized system requirements which in turn contribute to faster and more effective running of the device.


  1. Install Reliable Antivirus/ Antimalware

Installing antivirus/ security software apps is an important way to sustain the general performance of a smartphone. In the process of use, these phones become vulnerable to attacks from malicious software which can as a result, inhibit the overall efficiency of the device. The presence of reliable antivirus software on the smartphone helps to eliminate this risk.


  1. Uninstalling/ Disabling Unused Apps

Removal or disabling unwanted/ unused apps is a recommendable measure to improve the performance of an Android smartphone. This category of apps merely takes up memory space and hinders the effective operation of the device. It is advisable to keep only useful apps while doing away with the unnecessary ones.


  1. Increase Storage

By increasing the storage capacity of the smartphone, its overall performance is consequently amplified. Boosting storage space can mostly be achieved through making use of high-capacity memory cards to supplement the internal storage of the mobile phone.


  1. Reduce Widget Use

Simply put, a widget is a system application extension that is mainly found on the Home Screen of a smartphone for the purpose of quick launch/ access of system apps. When these widgets become too much, they can significantly contribute to the diminished performance of the smartphone.


  1. Use Phone Accessories

By making use of phone accessories such as phone cases and screen protectors, the impact of debilitating environmental factors is minimized. This in turn helps to maintain phone performance. For instance, using screen protectors helps to reduce the effect of harsh sunrays that are capable of damaging the phone screen. Additionally, the use of phone covers/ cases safeguard the device from environmental conditions like rain, as well as cushioning the phone in the event of a fall.


  1. Clear Cached Data

Cached data basically refers to a certain amount of information that a smartphone retains and stores in the phone memory after an app has been used. Continued accumulation of these residual bundles of data remarkably slows down the performance of the smartphone. It is therefore advisable to routinely clear the cached data for improved and sustainable smooth-running of the device.