Top Free Antivirus Review 2020

Teclane Review: If you are a regular Internet user, you should aware about the cyber security threat. As technology is advancing day by day, the security risk is also increasing because there are lots of bad guys out there. When you access Internet to check email, read newspapers, chat with friends, shopping online, accessing bank account etc, the bad guys are always look to steal your sensitive information. They make virus programs and offer free service, free coupons, free money and sometime you may unable to distinguish as those are scam software and you installed in your computer. As a result, you may give permission to those scam software to access your saved documents or save password from your computer. Same way, mobiles users are not safe either as the high popularity and some users may think, mobile cannot be affected by viruses or malware. This is wrong and the bad guys are targeting mobile users are the most.

How to protect Computer or Mobile device from virus attack?
You may think why I should buy antivirus software that cost money. Well, you may not know that there are some best free antivirus software available in the market and they offer nice protections that you need at least to protect your computer and personal information. Now the question is, what free antivirus I should use since there are lots of free antivirus software  out there. What I look mostly before downloading any Free antivirus software is, “what people say about the Free antivirus software I am going to use”. I read reviews, features, ratings etc and off course, my experience as a user. Over 5 years, I have been using few free antivirus software with no issues and here I am sharing with the readers. Please do your research before install any antivirus software as my intention is not to promoting any software other than sharing my user experience with the readers.

Top free antivirus software 2020 at a glance
When I say best free, I mean how the audience feel about the free antivirus as the best of protecting viruses, malware, Trojans, etc. How many features does the antivirus offer for free, does it reduce the computer performance, and off course, the user experiences. Here is the top list at a glance and please read details from the individual post.

Avast Free Antivirus
Avast Free Antivirus is award winning and most downloaded free antivirus software as per CNET Download. It holds is #1 position for several years because it keeps the computer secured as it promises. I have read lots from the users comments as “The free version protects computer as well as some paid antivirus cannot protect”. I am using Avast Free antivirus over 4 years in my Laptop and it scans in the background I do not even realize.

Main Features:
Intelligent antivirus and anti-malware- Protects against viruses and malware that some other antivirus cannot detect.
Home Network Security- Detects unstable network spot and help form unauthorized access
Browser Cleanup- Prevent form browser plugins that bothers more frequently
Ratings on CNET Download: Outstanding with Rank# 1

AVG Free Antivirus
AVG free antivirus is another award winning and most popular Free antivirus software with rank#2 in CNET Download. It is protecting more than 200 million active users as per AVG website. AVG has incredible ability to detects, protects, blocks and removes viruses and malware. I am using this free antivirus software more than 5 years in my desktop computer and it is keeping my computer safe and secure.

Main features:
Antivirus- AVG antivirus engine detects and removes viruses and malware
Link Protection- Scan and blocks bad web links, social media etc.
File Shredder – Deletes files that want to interfere on computer
Ratings on CNET Download: Excellent with Rank# 2

Panda Free Antivirus
Panda free antivirus is best for real time virus protection. Panda has rescue USB tool which you can boot your computer from USB flush drive and scans and revives viruses from your hard drive. Over the few years, Panda free antivirus becomes so popular and ranked #3 in antivirus as per CNET download center. This free antivirus is very light weight and you can give a try.

Main features:
Real-time Antivirus and Antispyware – Protects from real-time virus and spyware threats
Behavioral analysis protection –Detects and blocks any suspicious activity on the computer
Process Monitor – Shows Internet connection meters for each process
URL and web filtering – Scans urls and identify all suspicious web addresses
Ratings on CNET Download: Outstanding with Rank# 3