What are the best freelance websites to find online jobs?

As the technology is advancing day by day, working from home jobs are becoming more popular day by day. It does not matter what type of profession you work for; you always can find an online job to make some pocket money. If you know at least how to type or you are good at blog writing, you can at least find “Data entry” or “blog writing” jobs from the freelance websites.

There are quite few good freelance websites in the technology world and thousands of freelancing jobs are listed there. To open a freelance account is totally free and you can read our blog “Simple way to start working as a freelancer” to know how to open a free account. Here are the top freelance websites based on my work experience.

Upwork.com is very famous freelance website formerly known as oDesk. Elance and oDesk are combined together and formed as Upwork. More than nine million freelancers and four million clients are connected together at Upwork. You can find variety of jobs like data entry, writing, programming, web design, customer service, legal, virtual assistance and many more. More than three million jobs are posted at Upwork per year.

Freelancer.com  is another outsourcing marketplace where more than 16 million freelancers are registered. You can find tons of freelance jobs like design (logo, graphics etc), writing/translating, web design, software development, SEO, Marketing and many more. You can work with fixed price, hourly, full time, part time or seasonal jobs at Freelancer.com.

Guru.com  is another popular freelance website where more than 1.5 million freelancers are registered. Varieties of jobs are posted on Guru.com like Data Entry, Writing, Translating, Sales and Marketing, Admin support, Web design, software development, designing and lots more. You can bid hourly or fixed price jobs in a particular city or country.

Toptal.com always hires top tech talent and if you are a software developer or CS student, you can register at Toptal.com. Toptal picks top 3 percent applicants by interviewing, screening and testing. It deals with great clients and pay competitive compensation. Toptal.com is better option for the Computer Science students to build their career or whoever wants to work in software developer filed.

Crowdsource.com has hundreds of writing and editing jobs. Freelancers get trained and tested at Crowdsource before assigning to any project. Each work is verified by another worker and maintain its quality of work. If you are a high performer, Crowdsource will raise your compensation and award with additional work access.

So, if you are thinking to make some extra money or want to move your career path in freelancing world, open a new account with any of the above freelance website. Success is in your hand but it won’t happen in a day. Millions of freelancers are working fulltime or part time online from home and you can join anytime but don’t be too late!