How to Download and Install Comodo Antivirus

Teclane Review: Comodo antivirus is one of the popular free antivirus software available in the market. Comodo Antivirus offers windows users to install high quality anti-malware protection that protects from any hidden virus and malware attack. This free software security tool named as top 5 Internet Security in the CNET as per Comodo website. Comodo Antivirus keeps its top one position of Firewall and Intrusion prevention system since 2008. Comodo free antivirus provides 24 hours antivirus protection for any windows PC and blocks any suspicious hidden files activity which can damage the system. The interface is easy to use and the software updates automatically with latest virus protection. I recommend this Free antivirus software since it has Spectacular ratings by CNET and has multi-layer high tech protection against any virus threat.

Statistics as per CNET download user review.
CNET Rating: Spectacular                            Price: Free
Average User Rating: 3.5 Stars                     Total Downloads: Over 574 Thousand
File Size: 218 MB                                            OS: Windows 

According to the above statistic, Comodo has the average user satisfaction rate with few user reviews and Rank#19 as free antivirus software. You can get up to CNET statistics for Comodo free antivirus from the following link:

How to Download and Install?
You can download Comodo Free antivirus from the CNET Download center by using the above link or directly from the Comodo website. Here are the step by step installation instructions on how to download and install Comodo Free antivirus.

Step 1: Go to Comodo website and click on the Free Antivirus download button. Here is the Download URL: (

Step 2:  Save the cav_installer on the Desktop.

Step 3: Double click on the cav_installer from the Desktop

Step 4: Click Run button on the Security window to continue install.

Step 5: After extracted all installation files, Select the language and click OK

Step 6: From the Comodo Antivirus Installer, you can choose added internet security, “Cloud Based Behavior Analysis” set Comodo on home page and search engine to Yahoo. Select or unselect option and click Next.

Step 7: You can install PrivDog media to block malicious advertisement and can enable AdTrusMedia ads. If you want those just select or if you don’t want those, unselect and click on Agree and Install button

Step 8: Just wait till Comodo Antivirus Installer completes 100% install. When the Congratulations window is displayed, your installation is done!