How to recover/restore your lost data from iOS or Android device

In the current trending world, Usage of devices such as mobile and other electronic devices have gradually increased in last decade. We are more dependent on electronic devices than another source of information. With that, we are storing crucial and personal data in the form images, contacts, videos and text messages.

Have you ever had the feeling of helplessness when you realize, your important data has been accidentally deleted from your Android or iOS device? I am sure you do. Well no need to worry, your data is just removed from your device screen, not from your cellphone’s memory. Here is what you should do to recover your lost data. Primarily, stop using your iOS or Android device and promptly try to get your data back.

With diverse user-base of android and iOS. Many third-party applications are available in play-store and i-Store to recover your lost data. Let’s know about them to get your data back.

To recover Picture and Videos:

 If you are an Android user, there are many free and paid third-party applications present in play-store. EaseUSMobiSaver and Jihosoft are top rated paid data recovery applications and EaseUSMobiSaver is also available with free version. These applications give you the freedom to do mistakes. Some of these applications also provide facility to back-up your data with fast scan option.

iOS users are one step ahead for recovering their lost media data as its Photos application provide recovery for their recently deleted media data. If you are one of them, you can fetch your media data back from the Recently Deleted folder within 30-days. If you have deleted them permanently, then you can recover from iCloud.

To recover contacts and text messages:

Android store has many applications which are available to recover your contacts and text messages.  FonePaw is very popular applications for both Android as well as iOS users for retrieval of lost contacts and text messages. Not only you can recover your contacts, but this app avails functionalities like recovering lost files and media data. As Android is very flexible for data accessing than iOS, it is suggestable to use third-party apps.

Once again, iOS is winning over Android for recovery of contacts and text messages. If you are iOS user, you don’t need to worry about your lost data. Your iOS device is always synchronizing your files and data to iTunes. You just need to go to iTunes and use “Restore Backup” for recovery. It will restore all your contacts and messages to your iOS device.

Cloud is always present as an alternative to third-party apps for data recovery. Using it, is always better option than compromising your personal data with third-party apps.