Simple way to start making money online from Home

If you have a computer and Internet connection, you can be one of the successful freelancer who is making decent amount of money working from home.  If you have a full time job, you still can make some side money by working part-time online from home. Some freelancers are making $10-25/Hr just with Data entry jobs and you can be one of them. If your in IT sector or a programmer, you can make $25-$50/hour from anywhere in the world.  You may have heard lots about working online from home but you may not have full vision on how to start or how it works. If you are thinking to make some pocket money beside your full time job or you you are thinking to take freelance as your profession, please continue reading this post. I am sure, you will be benefited by reading this article.

1. First, tell me about freelancing and how it works?

Well, the answer is simple. When you work online from home as part-time, full-time, hourly or contact jobs for the clients you may or may not know but get pay via a freelancing company as a middle man. You create your profile in a freelancing company like and creating an account with them is totally free. Clients or employer post thousands of jobs in the freelancing website for hiring worker/freelancer . Freelancer like you bid for the job and client looks your profile and hire for the job. When you complete the job/project, the client/company pay you for the job in your Freelancing account. The Freelancing company charges small commission and directly pay to you. So, it is very simple and hassle free process.

2. Now, how can I create my freelancer profile?

Creating a freelancer profile is very easy. Go to and click on SIGN UP. Click Work under “I’m looking for online work”.  Enter all information and click Get Started. You should receive a verification email. Check your email and click on the link to confirm. Please note that, the sign-up process may be changed as time passing by after taking this screenshot. You still will be able to create freelancer profile by following new process if needed.


3. I created my freelance account. Now what?

Well, you have completed your first milestone to understand how online freelance works and you also created your freelancer account. Now, you have to focus on building your profile with all your expertise, job experience, education etc. Take some basic tests like English Language, Computer Skills etc and those will help you to prove that you are qualified for the online job. Those tests are not mandatory and you can bid for the job without taking those tests but will be limited on job bidding as new freelancer.

Keep in mind, it takes little time to get your first job since you have to prove first that you are able to perform the job you are bidding for. Every successful freelancer went through this process and you will overcome it easily. My suggestion, just try make low bid for your first job or even offer to do it for free and ask your client for the 5 star feedback. If you can get good feedback from your client, it will be easy for you to get your next job.

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